Each piece of jewellery is thoughtfully designed and created by hand in my studio in Glasgow. Please follow some simple guidelines to make sure your pieces stay looking nice. As with anything precious, jewellery must be treated with care.

  • Please use caution when applying perfume, hairspray, lotions etc - it's best to apply these prior to wearing jewellery as they may cause metals to tarnish and discolour resin. Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on!
  • Do not try to clean any pieces with abrasive cleaning products - if necessary, only use mild soapy water.
  • Remove rings if using abrasive cleaners/chemicals whilst doing housework or similar.
  • As with all chains, ours are delicate and should be treated with care. Do not pull or tug on them.
  • Natural wear and tear / slight surface scratches are normal.


  • Store all jewellery in a clean, dry place away from direct sun exposure. Do not store in bathrooms or rooms with excess condensation or next to radiators or windowsills. Damp and hot conditions can cause precious metals to discolour and tarnish. 
  • Keep each piece in separate pouches to prevent your jewellery rubbing and scratching against one another.


Silver: As with all metals, silver tarnishes over time. To slow this process and help prevent it, keep your silver jewellery in its pouch or somewhere semi air-tight and away from moisture. You can carefully clean it with mild soapy water and a dry soft cloth or silver polishing cloth (available from most department stores). Scratches and light surface wear (mainly on rings) is normal.

Oxidised silver: Oxidised silver is still silver - it just has a lovely matte black surface which is created by a chemical process using liver of sulphur. As with any surface treatment, this effect will wear off over time and shine up depending on how often the piece is worn. Each oxidised piece is polished and sealed with beeswax to protect and prolong the oxidisation, but it will still wear off eventually - this must be expected when purchasing. It will not discolour your skin or cause irritation. You can always have a piece re-oxidised, please get in touch if you require this.

Bronze: Bronze has a beautiful, warm colour. As with most metals, bronze naturally tarnishes. This is a natural characteristic of the metal. Once polished, I seal the bronze with beeswax and buff with a soft cloth to delay this process, however as with all metals it will tarnish over time and become slightly darker and more dull in colour. Store away from air and moisture.

22ct Gold Plate: Plating is a thin coating of metal. This can wear off to the metal underneath over time, especially in areas which have repeated contact with skin and wear. Store in pouch or somewhere air-tight and away from moisture. Care should be taken when cleaning and storing gold plated jewellery to protect the layer of gold from being worn away or scratched. Please note that gold plated jewellery can also tarnish or fade over time depending on wear and exposure to chemicals and cosmetics. It's also recommended that all gold plated jewellery be removed when showering or swimming. If necessary, GENTLY clean with a soft cloth to remove tarnish and fingerprints - I recommend purchasing a gold cleaning cloth which are available from most high street jewellers.  Re-plating can also be done - please get in touch if you require this.

Resin: Resin is waterproof and durable, but can be scratched and damaged the same as metal. Keep away from heat and chemicals or anything alcohol based. Wash with mild soapy water only. Resin rings are 'dress rings' and must be worn with care and common sense to keep them as good as new. Knocks, drops or repeated pressure can result in cracks, chips and breakages.

Copper: The exposed copper on the Populuxe Earrings has been treated with a transparent lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Avoid scratches on this surface, store away carefully when not being worn. Avoid contact with chemicals (including perfume and hairspray). Can be gently cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth if necessary.

Enamel: Avoid contact with any chemicals (including perfume, hairspray etc) as this can affect the enamel and its colour, surface and shine. Care should be taken to avoid scratching or chipping the enamel - store carefully when not being worn. Try to avoid dropping your piece as enamel can chip and shatter like glass. Can be cleaned with water and a soft cloth if necessary.


Wood: Wash your pieces with warm, soapy water, if necessary. Do not soak as this will remove the protective finish. It will also allow water to alter, warp and potentially crack the item. Allow pieces to air dry fully before putting them away.

Resin: Resin is waterproof and durable, but can be scratched and damaged the same as metal. Keep away from heat and chemicals or anything alcohol based. Wash with mild soapy water. Knocks, drops or repeated pressure can result in cracks, chips and breakages.

Jersey Cord: 100% cotton. We recommend that you do not get the cord wet. Repeated wear may result in light pilling.


Polished Metallic Plastic: This material is lightweight and flexible, but can break/split under stress or squashing. Avoid harsh chemicals. Intended as dress rings only, please take care when wearing.